python-azure - Microsoft Azure client APIs

License: Apache License 2.0
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation <>
Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

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This project provides a set of Python packages that make it easy to
access the Microsoft Azure components such as ServiceManagement, Storage, and ServiceBus.

The SDK supports Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4.


-  Tables

   -  create and delete tables
   -  create, query, insert, update, merge, and delete entities

-  Blobs

   -  create, list, and delete containers, work with container metadata
      and permissions, list blobs in container
   -  create block and page blobs (from a stream, a file, or a string),
      work with blob blocks and pages, delete blobs
   -  work with blob properties, metadata, leases, snapshot a blob

-  Storage Queues

   -  create, list, and delete queues, and work with queue metadata
   -  create, get, peek, update, delete messages

-  Service Bus

   -  Queues: create, list and delete queues; create, list, and delete
      subscriptions; send, receive, unlock and delete messages
   -  Topics: create, list, and delete topics; create, list, and delete

-  Service Management

   -  storage accounts: create, update, delete, list, regenerate keys
   -  affinity groups: create, update, delete, list, get properties
   -  locations: list
   -  hosted services: create, update, delete, list, get properties
   -  deployment: create, get, delete, swap, change configuration,
      update status, upgrade, rollback
   -  role instance: reboot, reimage
   -  discover addresses and ports for the endpoints of other role
      instances in your service
   -  get configuration settings and access local resources
   -  get role instance information for current role and other role
   -  query and set the status of the current role


Download Package

To install via the Python Package Index (PyPI), type:

.. code:: shell

    pip.exe install azure

Download Source Code

To get the source code of the SDK via **git** type:

.. code:: shell

    git clone
    cd azure-sdk-for-python
    python install

For detailed documentation, please view our `documentation on ReadTheDocs <>`__

For further examples please visit the `Microsoft Azure Python Developer Center <>`__

Need Help?

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Azure `Developer Forums on Stack Overflow <>`__ if you have
trouble with the provided code.

Contribute Code or Provide Feedback

If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please
follow the instructions provided in `Microsoft Azure Projects Contribution Guidelines <>`__.

If you encounter any bugs with the library please file an issue in the
`Issues <>`__
section of the project.

Learn More

`Microsoft Azure Python Developer Center <>`__


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